Guide: Seven criteria for efficient sales planning

Kriterien für eine erfolgreiche Absatzplanung

Warehousing is associated with huge costs, production must be just-in-time, and many departments and even third-party suppliers are jointly responsible for the production of a product. In short, the supply chain is extensive, there are many players working in the system and all the cogs must neatly mesh. This is the only way to meet demanding customer requirements.

In this free guide, we show you how to create a reliable basis for sales and operations planning with professional sales planning. You will learn about the challenges that Excel poses for users in planning, what alternatives there are, and what criteria are crucial for successful sales planning.

Topics at a glance

  • The impact of VUCA on sales planning, operations, and your market opportunities.
  • How operations and sales departments fit together perfectly
  • How to identify and maximize the maturity of the planning process
  • Why planning with Excel fails to meet current requirements
  • 7 performance criteria of a successful planning solution
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