Revolutionize your operational planning - without Excel

  • Plan in a controlled, transparent manner and with structured data
  • Let every department plan directly on the platform
  • Model, simulate and control with self-service

QVANTUM puts an end to rigid, error-prone Excel spreadsheets and week-long planning processes. This enables controllers to make data-based decisions for their companies.

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Collaborative planning across the entire company

QVANTUM is intended for company-wide use. You involve the specialist departments in the corporate planning process by directly inviting them to the platform. This way you can efficiently combine the top-down specifications from management with the bottom-up input from the business line. The precise assignment of rights makes compliance and data protection a piece of cake: every user only sees and edits what belongs to their area of authority.

Workflows for improved coordination

Maintain control of your business planning at all times. Use the workflows to coordinate your planners in an efficient manner.

Precise rights management for maximum compliance

You authorize the users directly. This way you can ensure that everyone only sees and edits what they are really allowed to see and edit.

User Experience à la Excel

Excel is a common tool in every department. Therefore, the handling of QVANTUM is strongly based on the widely used spreadsheet. Training is almost completely unnecessary.

Modeling and simulations via self-service

With QVANTUM, you can easily customize your planning model yourself - completely without IT support or consulting. You can add new dimensions such as branches, key accounts, departments or products in just a few clicks. Simulations such as best-case or worst-case are created in just a few minutes.

Equipped for every scenario

Inputs are automatically distributed and calculated throughout the application. This allows you to simulate various scenarios in record time.

Complex correlations, made simple

With our powerful formula manager, even complex relations can be displayed easily.

Create your own variants and scenarios

You can create your own variants and scenarios with just a few clicks and have them calculated by the touch of a button.

A structured database in the multidimensional data cube

QVANTUM is the flexible toolbox for all planning applications. With its multidimensional databases, you can plan at any time. 360-degree view of your operational sub-plans at all times. Changes are implemented in real time on the entire data cube and are immediately visible.

Regular automatic backups ensure maximum security. You can easily track changes via the change log and - if necessary - undo them.

Collaboration based on the same database

All planners work directly from within the software and with reliable Data. Data silos and chaotic Excel sheets are a thing of the past.

Scalable for whatever comes next

As a cloud software, QVANTUM grows with your requirements. Easily expand your application to include additional users and planning types.

Regardless of the skills of individual users

Your Excel specialist is on vacation? No problem with QVANTUM. Thanks to the Excel-like interface, your users are ready to go straight away - no training necessary.

A solution for all your operational planning requirements

With Excel

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  • No assignment of user permissions
  • Compliance & data protection issues
  • Dependency on individual employees
  • Extremely error-prone
  • Time-consuming separation and consolidation of Excel sheets
  • Rigid processes
  • Unstructured data
  • No Workflows
  • No Backups
  • No integration into existing system landscapes


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  • Precise assignment of user permissions for decentralized planning
  • Compatible with compliance & data protection requirements
  • Less training required
  • Standard-Dashboards in PowerBI, Tableau & Qlik
  • Plan different variants
  • Self-service modeling
  • Structured data cube
  • Open API interface
  • Kollaborationsworkflows
  • Automatic backups
  • Interfaces to all common HR tools, ERPs, consolidation and payroll accounting systems
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Interfaces for all requirements

With standard connectors, you can easily connect all common ERP, BI, HR and billing systems with ease.

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Secure in the QVANTUM Cloud

QVANTUM is hosted in the company's own German data center. This ensures maximum protection for your sensitive data.

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With the new BI module for QVANTUM, you can create maximum transparency in your planning.

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Combine your corporate planning with AI-supported forecasting and make optimal decisions based on precise forecasts.

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