Revolutionize your corporate planning - without Excel

  • Plan in a controlled, transparent manner and with structured data
  • Let every department plan directly on the platform
  • Model, simulate and control with self-service

QVANTUM puts an end to rigid, error-prone Excel spreadsheets and week-long planning processes. This enables controllers to make data-based decisions for their companies.

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Contemporary planning with cent-precise results

QVANTUM is the software platform for your corporate planning. Thanks to a structured database, controlling achieves planning results within days instead of weeks. Complex, non-transparent and rigid Excel processes are a thing of the past.

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Equipped for whatever comes next

With just a few clicks, you can simulate scenarios, for example best/worst case, economic drivers or personnel measures - without IT support or knowledge of programming.

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Turning data into decisions

Connect QVANTUM with your reporting and BI tools. Share your results in real time with all relevant stakeholders. Make informed decisions based on precise data.

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Plan with actual data and models from your previous systems

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Integrate your planning data into your daily reporting

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Contribution margin

Maintain full control and create maximum transparency in your contribution margin.

Cost center planning

Plan your cost centers across departments - agilely, precisely and quickly.

ESG Reporting

Prepare for mandatory ESG reporting - without error-prone and time-consuming Excel processes.

Integrated financial planning

Control your integrated financial planning efficiently, quickly and accurately - across all business areas.

Sales planning

Respond quickly to changing market conditions with agile sales planning.

Workforce cost planning

Control your workforce costs efficiently, quickly and accurately - across all business areas.

QVANTUM in a nutshell

Business planning with QVANTUM is as simple to implement as it is to use. The entire solution is operated in the QVANTUM Cloud. The only requirement is Internet access and a common Internet browser. Take your operational planning to the next level - collaborative, orchestrated & smart.

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Customer Testimonials

Explore ONSKINERY's Revolutionary Approach to Sales and Revenue Planning

Christoph Holinski

Manager Projects, Strategy and Transformation

Witness ONSKINERY's Remarkable Transformation: Slashing Planning Time from 1.5 Months down to Just 5 Days
ONSKINERY is an expert in digital legwear sales, i.e. socks, stockings and more. With the broad portfolio of the Middle Franconian company, reliable sales planning is enormously important. This could not be realized with Excel: It took about one and a half months from the output of the Excel tables to the final planning. The purely administrative effort for the planning process was immense. The planning revolution succeeded with QVANTUM: Planning is now completed in just five days.

Unveiling SALOMON FoodWorld's Remarkable Achievement: 35% Reduction in Planning Effort

Zoran Romic

Head of Controlling

The Success Story of SALOMON FoodWorld: Achieving a Remarkable 35% Reduction in Planning Effort
SALOMON FoodWorld is a classic hidden champion. Almost everyone has certainly already had a product from SALOMON FoodWorld in their hands or stomach. As a food specialist, smooth planning is elementary - but inconsistent data sets, a high level of manual effort to merge the plan data and the associated length of time required for planning slowed down the controlling at that time. With the help of QVANTUM, SALOMON FoodWorld was able to establish a flexible and automated planning process - reducing time by remarkable 35%.

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