Our Planning solution for fast changing markets

QVANTUM is not only user-friendly but also straightforward to implement. With its open interface and standard connectors, seamlessly integrating your agile business planning with other systems like ERP or BI tools is effortless. Elevate your operational planning to new heights: collaborative, orchestrated, and intelligent.

Benefits at a glance

QVANTUM serves as your operational planning toolbox. Being a cloud-based solution, you can implement your new planning solution without the need for a significant IT project, and get started with minimal training. While rooted in Controlling, QVANTUM is designed for cross-departmental use across your entire organization.

  • Your operational planning toolbox
  • Complete customization of models and forms
  • Cloud-native and effortlessly scalable
Flexible modeling

Flexible modeling

Within QVANTUM, you can effortlessly customize your planning to precisely match your unique requirements, all with the ease of a few simple clicks, eliminating the need for any IT support or technical expertise.



QVANTUM seamlessly integrates real-time information from all departments into your planning, fostering decentralized and company-wide collaboration.

Orchestrate processes

Orchestrate processes

QVANTUM serves as your singular source of truth for enterprise planning, enabling centralized orchestration of your data and processes in the cloud.

UX/UI to fall in love with

UX/UI to fall in love with

While many planning solutions lack user-friendliness, QVANTUM is specifically designed with users in mind, prioritizing the highest levels of user acceptance.

Standard dashboards

QVANTUM's customizable dashboards within PowerBI empower organizations by delivering real-time and pertinent data accessible to all stakeholders.

  • Enhance your business planning by visualizing it through versatile dashboards catering to various use cases
  • The standard PowerBI-based dashboards can be swiftly and effortlessly customized to meet your specific needs
  • Access core information in real time, ensuring you stay informed and make informed decisions
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QVANTUM offers seamless integration with your existing pre- and target systems, whether it's ERP or BI tools. Thanks to its open interface and standard connector, connecting nearly any system to your business planning requires minimal effort.

  • Integration with BI tools and ERP systems
  • Utilize the QVANTUM REST-API for seamless connectivity
  • Access a standard connector compatible with over 100 systems
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We do not engage external service providers; instead, we rely on hosting our data within our German parent company, Buhl Data Service. This approach enhances our flexibility and provides us with the utmost visibility into all measures, guaranteeing resilient service operations and robust data protection.

  • Hosted in a secure German data center
  • Fully compliant with DSGVO (GDPR) regulations
  • Utilizes top-notch encryption for optimal data security
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Integrate agile business planning with AI-powered forecasting to enable data-driven decision-making grounded in precise predictions.

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