Seamlessly connect your systems

Effortlessly link QVANTUM to your existing pre- and target systems, regardless of whether it is a financial, ERP, HR system or a BI tool. With its open interface and standard connector, connecting virtually any system to your business planning requires minimal effort.

Individual connection to other systems

You didn't find your systems infrastructure in the examples described? No problem. With the open interface (the QVANTUM REST API) all doors are open for you. Talk to our technical expert or recommend your IT manager to take a look at our interface documentation.

Standard interface for ERP systems

You have one or even several ERP systems in use? Usually this is a major project within the scope of a software implementation. With its standard interface for multiple ERP systems (e.g. SAP, DATEV, Microsoft Dynamics), QVANTUM ensures that data mapping works smoothly. Our interface can be easily connected to over 100 systems.

Connecting data sources and BI tools

We want to make the migration as easy as possible for you, regardless of whether you have been working with Excel or are already using another planning or consolidation tool. Integrate existing data easily and transfer finished plan data back into your BI tool such as Tableau, PowerBI.