Maximum transparency for your planning

Decentralized contribution margin

In order to have maximum transparency over costs and sales, agile contribution margin is indispensable. QVANTUM enables complete flexibility - without IT support.

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Respond in real time

Agile planning is essential, especially in competitive and volatile markets. With QVANTUM you can easily map even complex planning and react to changes with one click.

The Single Source of Truth for your planning

Excel quickly reaches its limits in decentralised planning. Special cases such as the planning of franchisees, which require precise rights management, cannot be handled at all with Excel. With QVANTUM you retain full control and have maximum transparency in your contribution margin.

Plan faster

Time-consuming collection of planning data by e-mail and laborious consolidation of Excel lists are a thing of the past.

Control precisely

With consistent data, you have a transparent planning status at all times and gain new insights - virtually in real time.

Collect decentralised data

QVANTUM closes planning and information gaps: you collect data in record time, consolidate them automatically and report them into your BI tool.


Contribution margin

Maintain full control and create maximum transparency in your contribution margin.

Cost center planning

Plan your cost centers across departments - agilely, precisely and quickly.

ESG Reporting

Prepare for mandatory ESG reporting - without error-prone and time-consuming Excel processes.

Integrated financial planning

Control your integrated financial planning efficiently, quickly and accurately - across all business areas.

Sales planning

Respond quickly to changing market conditions with agile sales planning.

Workforce cost planning

Control your workforce costs efficiently, quickly and accurately - across all business areas.

Which use case suits your company?

Discover how QVANTUM can revolutionize your planning with the guidance of our experts.

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