Interesting facts about decentralized plan data acquisition in the cloud

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Management-Cockpit for agile personnel cost planning

In the realm of personnel cost planning, many companies continue to rely on visual navigation methods, lacking the advanced tools available for modernizing their approach.

Transparency in personnel cost planning creates agility for companies

Rising cost pressures, tightening market conditions, and changes in the supply of raw materials and energy can be effectively managed through agile planning.

Checklist: What your personnel cost planning needs to deliver

Economic upheavals, rising prices for energy and raw materials, and supply chain problems pose major challenges for management and controlling.

How predictive forecasting provides a helpful basis for agile corporate planning

A BARC study reveals 75% of companies acknowledging the increasing importance of predictive planning and AI-supported forecasting for process optimization.

Controlling digitally transformed with agile corporate planning

Agile corporate planning empowers controllers for superior performance through digital transformation, automation, compliance, and wide user acceptance.

With agile corporate planning to digitalized sales

Although reporting is often a nuisance, it is indispensable for decision-making in companies and organizations, despite the amount of work involved.

Guide: On the road to success with agile corporate planning

Successful companies employ comprehensive, agile, and interconnected planning approaches to maximize efficiency, profitability, and success.

Guide: Seven criteria for efficient sales planning

Above all, seamless alignment between sales and operations (S&OP), commencing with robust sales planning, forms the cornerstone of business success.


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