StatSoft is a leading provider of AI, data mining, predictive analytics and data visualization software solutions and services. The company offers a wide range of data analysis and modeling technologies and capabilities that enable companies to quickly identify patterns, trends and correlations in their data and make informed decisions.

StatSoft serves customers in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, pharma & life science, banking and insurance, and energy. StatSoft’s products are characterized by their powerful analytics capabilities, ease of use and self-service approach, and scalable architecture.

The partnership between QVANTUM and StatSoft underlines QVANTUM’s leadership in agile business planning. Together, they have developed a module that creates an automated forecast based on existing company data. This predictive forecasting module opens up new opportunities for companies by serving as an early warning system and making changes visible at an early stage. The quality of the forecasts is ensured by the multi-layered and valid data hosted in the QVANTUM infrastructure in the German data center. This module offers decision-makers a glimpse into the future and supports them in implementing agile corporate planning.