HR Metrics

Metrics Consulting is a German technology and consulting company that supports companies in the digitalization of processes in the areas of finance and controlling - with a focus on corporate planning/controlling and reporting. Metrics Consulting offers ready-made content models in the area of corporate planning/controlling, as well as preconfigured standard dashboards in common BI tools (e.g. Power BI, Qlik and Tableau). As a service provider, Metrics Consulting also supports companies with the introduction of software solutions. To this end, Metrics Consulting works closely with companies to customize ready-made content and develop tailor-made solutions that meet all specific requirements and objectives. With a strong focus on innovation and digitalization, Metrics Consulting strives to help companies make their analytical operations more efficient and effective.

Our partnership with Metrics Consulting manifests itself in Metrics Consulting acting as a content and implementation partner to successfully put our solutions into practice.