Personnel Requirements Planning

Personnel requirements planning deals with the qualitative and quantitative requirements of a company’s employees. These are current as well as future values. The company uses these to plan for the short, medium and long term.

Quantitative demand includes the number of workers needed currently and in the future. The number is based on the company’s desired goals. Qualitative needs are based on the qualifications of existing and new employees and raise the question of the appropriate development measures to promote employees in the desired direction. This ensures the best possible development of the company. However, personnel requirements planning includes not only the number and skills of employees, but also their time and location.

The goal of human resource planning is the resulting efficiency, from the continuous provision of all capacities required by the employees. By always having the personnel with the knowledge and qualifications needed for the tasks at hand, the resources are optimally allocated. This greatly increases the competitiveness of a company.

In the planning process, parameters such as age structure, the targeted planning horizon, the general corporate strategy, and gross and net personnel requirements are also highly relevant. Only with their help can measures be derived from the figures on requirements. Personnel requirements planning is therefore closely linked to general corporate planning, personnel cost planning and budget planning.

If you are currently looking for a suitable planning tool for your personnel planning, we can help. What about your current personnel cost planning? Using our checklist, you can check whether it still fits the requirements of the fast-moving corporate world in 2023.