Operational Planning

Operational planning translates the basic business objectives of strategic planning into feasible actions. This is exemplified by modern budget planning. Using operational planning, controlling breaks down the components of budget planning into smaller, measurable activities and tasks. These are then assigned to the appropriate departments. In this way, the company aligns itself with a plan of short-term, departmental targets, in the long term, towards a common goal. This ensures that the company gets closer to the end goal from day to day and does not lose sight of it. Operational planning thus includes all the sub-plans that a company should have at its disposal. Sales planning, production planning, human resources planning and specifically other planning come together in a system that is geared to the common end goals. Through active interaction between the various responsible parties, the closest possible interlocking of the sub-plans is achieved. Operational controlling mediates between the individual departments of the company (horizontally) and between management and the departments (vertically). This boosts the company’s economic success to its maximum.

Operative Planung