Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Corporate Performance Management is one of the most important tasks of a company’s management. It is a subarea of business intelligence that manages and continuously monitors the company’s performance. In order for a business strategy to achieve a high profit with the highest possible performance, a management of these processes is necessary. This is where CPM comes in. At each level of the company, the tasks to be performed are aligned with a goal. If the results of the work lead to the planned goals, this process is called performance. If the development of individual employees through targeted motivation and promotion is also a priority, this is called Corporate Performance Management. Optimal performance is closely linked to employee satisfaction. Knowledge of this opens up new potential for the management of a company.


More profit for all

CPM sees the company as a single unit. Only when everyone has eliminated their pain points is overall success possible. Thanks to the information on key performance indicators provided by CPM interfaces, it is possible to track individual results and group project performance in order to derive new strategies and goals for the company. CPM software can therefore create forecasts and clearly visualize data, the results of which are also useful for budget planning. The documentation of these processes is called reporting. If you derive goals for the future of the company from this, you are acting in a company-planning-oriented manner and in the interests of all those involved.