Sales and Revenue Planning

How do you achieve optimized corporate planning? Sales planning is crucial for this. It helps to make a forecast of the effort and costs that will be incurred by the company in the future. Decisions must be made about future sales and revenue targets in order to plan as effectively and optimally as possible in the here and now. Based on past time intervals and their sales figures, the forecast for the future is possible. The result is a plan that allocates all future resources as economically as possible for a predefined period.

Sales can be planned for the long term as well as for the short term. Depending on the time frame, a different planning horizon is created with planning factors dependent on it. This includes the planning of finances and investments.

An example of a sales plan is as follows: If one sells products, values for the number of pieces of the different products, as well as the times of the purchases, result. Observed over a longer period of time, a basis is created on which the creation of a sales plan is possible.