Stay ahead of the game by using the right tool

Checkmate - this is how quickly the game can be over and your company has been replaced by the competition. We want to introduce you to the agile way of business planning and preventively save you from the triumphant march of others. So that you dominate the field through your tool and emerge as a winner from times of crisis.

Your sword and shield for corporate planning

Applied to business planning, your sword and shield are called transparency and agility. Successful companies rely on transparent and up-to-date data, as this is the only way to keep a cool head in case of unexpected events such as transverse freighters, pandemic measures or deep conflicts between countries. With daily updated and valid data, including iterative forecasts, the next big business decision is not a game of roulette, but a game of chess. It’s your strategy that decides, not luck.

Agility sounds like a buzzword, but it is a crucial process building block for the corporate planning of tomorrow. This is because agile decisions are built on solid data. This means that corporate planning should not take place only once a year, nor only once a quarter, but should, in the best case, be constantly adapted to the new market situation. By adjusting according to need and change, unique opportunities for companies become actually tangible for the first time. In addition, sales numbers increase and so does the overall value of the company. When the ball is in your court, agility definitely makes you successful.

The agile business strategy - A horse you should bet on.

The Gamechanger “Agile Planning Tool

But if you want to emerge as the winner in the battle against the market situation, you need something more. The dazzling piece of armor for the duel is called an “agile planning tool”. All too familiar with outdated approaches, isolated solutions such as Excel are used to try to document and control a company’s planning processes. This is a duel that is doomed to failure from the outset, since agility and flexibility completely fall by the wayside. If you want to be a pioneer on the market, you need smart tools that help you to integrate development, sales, production, logistics, human resources and F&A (finance and accounting).

An agile, cloud-based planning software represents such a next-generation tool. Its lean architecture, which can be adapted to individual user needs as required, allows collaborative planning which companies should no longer be without.

Emerge victorious in the duel thanks to cloud software

All-round satisfaction and efficiency

In cloud-based planning software, all partial planning is mapped in a common system and can be flexibly adapted. All teams and departments involved can work significantly more efficiently with the exact and up-to-date planning data. The possibility of active participation of employees from different hierarchical levels makes everyone feel included and heard. This has a positive effect on employee satisfaction and is also reflected in the fulfillment of quarterly and annual targets. After all, an all-around satisfied company, from the top management to the foundation, usually performs better than its competitors in the market. This way, they are always one move ahead of their competitors.

UX for your specialist department

The quest for comprehensive planning often fails due to complex, immobile and expensive planning tools. Often, the reason for this is that companies would have to adapt to the software instead of the other way around. Agile cloud-based software offers a very flexible framework that can be customized to fit any business structure.

Overcoming pain points

The constant change in the market situation forces companies to react quickly to special effects. Due to a lack of personnel, this is almost impossible to manage and the specialist departments are in danger of drowning in planning chaos. Increased time pressure in the planning process, the increasing complexity of planning tasks and the need to plan continuously are among the biggest pain points for companies trying to prove themselves in the market. If you want to keep up, you have no choice but to turn to an agile corporate planning solution.

Connected to the goal - The QVANTUM way to go

Emerge as a frontrunner with QVANTUM

QVANTUM is designed to meet exactly these demands and pain points to help you achieve business success. After a short introduction you can start directly with planning for logistics, production or finance.

If you want to find out more details about our software, you can download our informative whitepaper on agile business planning and the right tools. Move from lucky guesses to valid strategy.

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