Put the crowning touch on your digital sales

Competition in the market is fierce, so it pays to switch to digital processes in sales. Even in the digital age, this still puts you in the minority. A unique opportunity to present yourself as a forward-thinking company. But there’s more.

We want to introduce you to the concept of digital sales and show you how simply and smartly you can offer the decisive difference to the competition with this approach.

Why digital in the first place?

Digital sales, as the term suggests, refers to the digital distribution of goods. Online commerce is booming these days. Both companies and private individuals are increasingly using the Internet to conduct business and make purchases. In addition, there is the making of travel bookings or the maintenance of banking transactions. More and more actions are being translated to the digital realm and are finding daily use among consumers. This makes sense, because they don’t have to observe opening hours, can act comfortably from home and often even secure a price advantage. Consequently, there are many good reasons for companies to digitize their sales on all channels.

Sales of the future

Internally, the changeover is even more worthwhile. Outdated sales processes significantly slow down companies that have a lot of potential. There is often a lack of integrative platforms that bundle internal coordination and make it transparent for all participants. If the majority of tasks are still performed manually, it’s time for a new, modern approach.

In sales, you always have to be up-to-date, as you contribute significantly to the public perception of the company. One of the most important aspects is the speed with which the sales department operates. If you want to keep up with the market, you have to be able to react quickly. With the advent of digitalization, the market is setting an ever faster pace. Nevertheless, quality must not fall by the wayside. What is delivered quickly must also be good and, in the best case, better than the competition.

No sooner said than done. Nevertheless, after the changeover, many of these already digital sales processes still have to be managed manually and, conversely, are very time-consuming. Why? How can these processes be further optimized?

Anchoring between Sales and Operations

A high density of interaction requires transparent connections between all areas of the company. Above all, the interlocking between “Sales” and “Operations” plays a central role. If “Sales” makes promises that “Operations” cannot keep, not only is the company’s publicity at risk, but so is the trust placed in it by customers. In addition, management’s expectations of Sales are often high. Anyone who wants to shine should thus always have the most up-to-date figures at hand. If this process involves a great deal of effort and is not carried out on demand but only occasionally, no well-founded decisions can be made and criticism hails from above. A unified planning and reporting system is therefore the key to closing any communication gaps and providing transparent insight into real-time data.

We help your sales to the top

QVANTUM offers such an approach for your company. With our cloud-based enterprise planning, you get more transparency while requiring less capacity for administration. It’s a win-win for your sales force, through the following benefits:

  • Automated planning workflows reduce the time spent by your employees
  • Allocation of rights: Each planner only sees what he needs to see
  • Hardly any training required for your employees
  • The common data basis facilitates your planning and coordination with production
  • Automatic & error-free data aggregation in real time
  • Implementation during operation - without IT project
  • Easy scalability
  • Multidimensional evaluations
  • Make decisions based on good historical data

Planning software such as QVANTUM offers not only flexible customization options, but above all maximum transparency. Your planning can be easily adjusted in case of market changes. You can directly track which business areas are affected - clearly arranged and trustworthy. Since your sales planning and reporting is cloud-based, you don’t need much more than Internet access and a common browser to implement it. Onboarding couldn’t be more convenient.

Read our informative whitepaper on digital sales to learn how to take agile business planning to a new level in your company and easily implement QVANTUM step by step in your sales organization.

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